lørdag 24. november 2007


Just a quick note to tell you whats happening. We are moving. I know I have told you before. But this time I have pictures....
This is where we live now: its a 65 m2 appartment with two bedrooms.This is where we are moving, its a whole house with a garden and 4 bedrooms. I am so looking forward to this. The move has already started about half of my things are in the new house but we still live in the appartment.
Two more weeks then I guess there will be two weeks of unpacking and so on. We should be done by christmas. I hope. The living between two places is taking a lot of energy. I feel like sitting in a rollercoster just before the big hill. Nothing I can do now but all the more next week. As my health isn't keeping up with all this; my bilateral plantar fasciitis is flaring up... But when we get thru this I can get some rest. My net life is a bit unexisting right now included blogging. I promise to come back with power and lots of new ideas and patterns and crafts...

Til alle nordiske lesere! Det har blitt startet et nordisk spinneforum på spinnershome.net
Kom å se da vel!

2 kommentarer:

Rosie sa...

I trust your moving goes smoothly next week, without too much stress.

Moving house is very high on the list of things which cause stress.

I look forward to a revitalised blog in the future! :-)

Lilleduck sa...

Yes it does cause stress. Lots of it and I only manage because of two things. One I know it is a limited time its done to christmas, two it is for a good cause, I know it will be better afterwords, I just hope my health would be better. I'm still not used to not being able to do what I want. Thanks for the nice comment, it makes me feel less alone with everything.