fredag 2. november 2007

Life goes on... even after exams

I delivered my exam paper today. It is a part of my masters degree in nursing. The exam was about theories and values in nursingsciense. Sounds fun doesn't it? Well, anyways it's done. The grade comes ticking inn on the 23. In the mean time we move on to research methods. That sounds like something for me, more than the theories anyways.
All, blog things and patterns has been on hold, now I feel life starts up again now. I now have one appartment to empty, one house to empty and move in to. Hm, still lots to do... At least my spinning is going well. Promise pictures soon.
By the way I only have two friends in Pay It Forward, so I wish for one more.

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frksnupp sa...

Håper eksamen gikk bra! En liten hilsen til deg i bloggen min =) metode er forresten ikke så gøy som du tror...dvs, jeg skal ha eksamen i det om tre uker og gruer meg....god helg!