lørdag 26. mai 2007

close up of merino

Here is a closeup of the merino yarn. Its thik and thin yarn... I find it hard to draft the merino.
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White merino

This is the white merino i made on my louet spindle both bought at Spinnvilt. It's lovely soft. It's 32 m, quite thick.
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close up

Heres a close up picture of the previous yarn.
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my yarn

Heres a picture of my lambs wool yarn. Its uneven but getting better. It's really a learning yarn, it's got diffrent fibers and colors. The blue is Pelsull, the white is lambswool, the purple is merino and theres a tiny piece of black alpaca in there too.

It's 69 m i dont have the weight yet, but will post it later.

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tirsdag 22. mai 2007

Bags and purses

Today I took my sewing machine out. It wanted to make something. Heres what we made:

post from spinnvilt!

I got a packet from Spinnvilt yesterday. Didn't have time to update my blog though, but here it comes. As you ca see i've already been spinning my "novelty yarn" It's still uneven but I'm learning diffrent ways to draft the fibre.

Jeg fikk pakke fra Spinnvilt i går men hadde ikke tid til å oppdatere bloggen. Dere kan se jeg allerede har brukt teinen. :) Jeg bestilte og merino ull (det hvite) og sort alpakka. Tenkte jeg skulle blande det etterhvert men foreløpig bruker jeg bare ulla.

lørdag 19. mai 2007

My cd spindle

Heres finally pictures of my cd spindles. I made the yellow yarn first, my first ever hand spun yarn! Its uneven but got more even to the end (to the left in the last picture) Now I'm experimenting on some blue wool that's coarser. Getting better all the time. Now I manage lace weight yarn. Not by choice, it just happened...
Her er endelig bilder av mine to cd håndtener. Det gule er det første jeg noensinne har spunnet! Det er ganske ujevnt, men det blir jevnere hele tiden. Det blå er noe pelsull jeg hadde liggende og er vanskeligere å spinne enn merinoen i det gule. Hvis du har lyst til at jeg skal beskrive hvor jeg fant delene til håndtenene og hvordan de lages så legg igjen en kommentar!

fredag 18. mai 2007

exam time!

Sorry, no pics of my spindle. My exams take all my energy and consentration. I still knit though, it's a neccecity, it makes me relax and lower my shoulders... The exam went ok and I hope I can manage a picture or two tomorrow, of my spindles (yes I've made more) and the yarn. My louet spindle is in the post, I can't wait, maybe it arrives tomorrow! Heres a picture of the louet while we wait...

tirsdag 15. mai 2007

Still here knitting!

I'm quite happy. Two reasons; one I'm done with two exams (only 3 left this spring), second I spinned for the first time in my life today. I made a drop spindle of two cd's and a stick with a lot of tape and a cup hook. It wobbles, but I spinned a bunch of wool I had and I'm really pleased. The yarn is uneven and has a bit too much twist, its drying now, pic tomorrow. I promise! You'll see my spindle too... Just have to wait for the sun to take pics... I ordered a real drop spindle from http://www.spinnvilt.no a louet low whorl and some more wool.

In the mean time heres some pics on what I've knitted lately:

The first is a teapot cozy, It's knitted in Uruguay wool, no pattern just knit to fit. The two blue hats are summer hat's for a 3 years old boy, we were invited to his birthday on sunday, las minute knitted gifts.. They are knitted of a yarn called Tuva on size 3mm circulars. The green thing is a Calorimetry (www.knitty.com) and wristwarmers (2k2p 40 stiches till the yarn ends) all made of 50 g of safirgarn on cicular needles size 3,5 mm.
This last picture shows the gift I got form my secret pal from hobbyboden may. Thanks my secret friend, I havent figured out who you are, but I love the gift!

tirsdag 1. mai 2007


Jeg har strikket sokker til min far. Jeg brukte Juvel og en forsterker tråd og pinne nr 3,5m Det er de første jeg har strikket fra tåen og opp og jeg ble veldig fornøyd. Det tror jeg Pappa ble og men desverre glemte jeg å ta bilde så det får komme senere. Jeg holder også på med en jakke men bilde kommer senere.

I knitted socks as a gift to my father, on two circs 3,5 mm. one thread juel and one thread in a nylon yarn to make it stronger. I forgot to take a picture. Well I'll get it later hopefully. I'm also knitting away on a jacket but I'll not show pics untill later...