mandag 5. november 2007

Spinning update

I haven't showed lots of spinning on this blog lately, I have be spinning though. Here's a pic of some of the yarn I have spun to a flame project I'm making, this is merino wool I got from spindle and wheel Allena has dyed it for me. It's 2 ply and a bit uneven, but still, thats fine for flame patterns isn't it? Heres a close up: I have also tried to spin bulky on my wheel, the brown doesn't come out right on the picture. It's deep soft brown. It's alpangorino from Spindle and wheel. I'm no good at spinning thick yarn it is so uneven, I find it difficult to draft thick. Practise makes perfect so I guess I have to practise more...
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bentesin sa...

så deilig garn :) takk for supre baby sokker mønster har linket til deg i bloggen min,nå er jeg i gang med par nr2 og en prinsesse lue bare for og prøve den ser så fin ut lurer bare på om den er tovet.
ha en fin uke, hilsen bente