torsdag 8. mai 2008

Sokker 2008 oppdaterin, mars og april

Nå er jeg ajour med sokkene i Sokker 2008. De fargerike er mars sokkene, strikket i opal neon, de lilla er etter eget hode, strikket av hubro med fletter i vrangborden.
I am now up to date on my Socks 2008 KAL. The colorful ones are march socks knitted in Opal neon, the purple ones are my own pattern knitted in Hubro from Dalegarn with cables in stead of k2p2.
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onsdag 7. mai 2008

Kaksi today

As Kaksi has grown so much the last weeks I thought I had to give you pics of her today... It is almost impossible to take good photos of her as she wants to eat the camera..
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Meet Latte and Kaksi

This is our newest familymember. He is a one year old angora rabbit red/yello color. He is called Latte and will give me exellent spinning fibre in one month.
Three weeks ago we got another familymember called Kaksi. She is a now 12 weeks old golden retriver labrador retriver mix. She is going to be a guide dog for blind people in two years if she passes the test then. Right now she is ours and we enjoy this baby very much. This picture is from the day we got her and she has grown considerably since then. (Her fiber value is yet to be determined.)
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