søndag 16. september 2007

My new friend

Well I finally managed to decide on a wheel. It's an adventure to trave on trains with all the shopping I did:
Then well at home I didn't have much assembly to do, here is my beauty at home.
It's the Louet s45. A fast little wheel, I think I'm up to it. As you see I'm already spinning som pink merino i dyed with coolaid some weeks ago. The spinning classes at Spinnvild were great. I really loved the spinning on all the different wheels. They taught us individually in group. We were 4 ladys of different ages and from different parts of Norway. I got to learn more technique than the others as I already knew some from my spindling. I did navaho plying!
On the train home I showed two older laidies how to spin on a spindle and I also navaho plyed to show them what I meant. I don't understand why people say you have to have a very heavy spindle to navahoply on spindle. I used my Bosworth mini to ply and it went like a dream.

6 kommentarer:

Treesa sa...

congratulations! on your new baby. Does she/he/it have a name yet?

Lilleduck sa...

Thanks, She hasn't a name yet but I'm thinking of calling her little troll. She is a bit too fast for it though. So the name has to be more speedy I think. Any suggestions?

Hanne sa...

Fairies are faster than trolls.

Congratulations for your new wheel! I'm a bit jealous, since mine is still somewhere between Germany and Finland. I hope we would have a shop like Spinvild in Finland!

Rhonna sa...

Wooooooot!!! Congratulations! Now the question on everyone's mind is how much of a distraction this lovely new toy is proving to be. :-) Are you getting anything else done? (grin)

I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the class--and not at all surprised you came home with a wheel after all. :-)

But didn't it also feel good to see that you actually knew enough to show someone else a few things? :-)

Lilleduck sa...

Well as to getting things done this week, I do have home exams, an assignmet of 2500 words that have to be written and delivered at school in 3 copies by friday 14.00 hours. But no, thats not distracting me at all from my spinning:) I am trying to keep a balance on it thoug, no spinning more than writing, and I do have 750 word on paper already.

Heidi Kim sa...

Kjempegrattis med ny rokk, nå tenker jeg du har det gøyt :o))