søndag 16. september 2007

Luxury problems

What else can you call it when I have the opportunity to get a spinningwheel, like two wheels and have trouble choosing between them? I'm currently at a weekend spinning class at spinnvilt in lillehammer. There I have had the opportunity to try lots of different wheels, and I have fallen in love with two. The Louet s10DT and Louet s45. They both have good sides and less good sides :) But the question is wich good sides to let count the most? The S10DT has lots of choises, has extras, big bobbins! and is big to transport. The s45 is little and sweet, but is very fast, and has small bobbins. It is very transportable too. I see that I most likely should get the s45 as I have little room, and want to transport it to my spin meetings. But will I be able to spin good on it, It's a bit more fiddly than the s10 wich is straight forward easy adjustments and does it all. I think I just have to go try them more... You will see wich wheel I chose tonight, promise :)

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