lørdag 25. august 2007

Full time study, full spindle

So long since I posted here, I'm not gone, just gone for master studies. I started on my master degree in nursing two weeks ago and it does take a lot of time. They didn't start easy either, groups and assignments and lectures right from day 2. Well now that week 2 is over I'm starting to get the rythm in this study. It's not like I havn't gotten any crafts done at the same time. I take the train to Oslo 2-3 times a week and it takes 1 hour each way. I have started two hats in pink and I'm working on a poncho. As for spinning, look at my Mini Bosworth in Cherry. It's full of wool mohair mix. I spun it during the last two days and plyed it Andean on the run. The little spindle was filled to the brim. The yarn kept slipping of at the end. But the little tornado managed. I got it plyed and could take it of the spindle so I can fill it again today. Love spinning...
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