lørdag 20. februar 2010

Winter life

I wanted to share my world with you today. We went on an expedition. Well at least it felt like it. When I looked out my kitchen window today it looked like this:
image title
I planned to stay in all day, but when it came to dinner time I quickly understood that we had to brave the winter outside. This is what met us when we managed to get the front door open (after having put on lots and lots of woolly items)
image title image title
The dark blue car you almost see in the second picture is mine. We had to dig it out, but it wasn’t too bad as the tractor had removed the snow right behind it and all the way to the main road. But before we could get to the car we had to find the stairs. I put my kids to work, child labor, but really they like the snow better than I ever have and if I can’t knit with my arm I shouldn’t shovel snow right?
Here is my 9 year old son hard at work ( his little sister is waiting to carry the trash out when he is finished):
image title
so we made it to the store and bought so much food that we won’t have to move outside for several days. (What do you mean it’s Monday soon and I have to drive the kids to school, I’m not leaving the house I tell you. Well maybe I have to get them to school, we have never had closed schools because of winter weather…) Oh and did you know we have a record here now with 64 consecutive days of snow on the ground, and I live in the most southern region of Norway. If I only could knit when staying inside, at least my arm is feeling better, there is hope for more knitting soon.

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