onsdag 11. november 2009

Automatic knitting

I found my knitting has reached new levels today. I was knitting a Tychus hat and reading the Yarn Harlots blog and laughing (her writing tends to do that to me I love her style) and I suddenly saw that two rows back I had managed to knit a row of purls. An entire row of purls in a hat that doesn't call for any purls at all. And the most amazing fact is that I hate purling. How had my fingers then suddenly decided to purl on their own? Maybe my subconsciousness is trying to tell me that purls are not that bad. That I shouldn't ignore beautiful patterns just because they include a ridiculous amount of purling. At least this tells me my knitting is in an automatic overdrive where I really don't think about my knitting at all. Thats good in a way because there are a lot of holiday knitting to be done and I just have to find other ways to occupy my mind with while knitting. Like planning the next knitting.

The holiday gift account so far is; 1 ribbed hat, 1,5 tychus hats, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 crown hats, 1 childs triangular shawl, 1 pair of socks (ok, breathe, I didn't knit it all in a couple of days at least 3 things on the list I found in my gift box.)

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