fredag 2. januar 2009

Spinning the 2008

On Spinners home we got a lottery where the ticket is to write about our spinning year and progress. so here is my ticket. Spinners home is a scandinavian forum for all spinners, we write in Norvegian, Svedish and Danish, but we have members from Finland too. It's becoming a fine site, with lots of tips and sharing of spinning joy. Come and wisit us.

Well back to my spinning year. In 2008 I have spun lots of yarn in both different fibers, different tools and at different sites. I have a Louet s 45 and she is my best tool for spinning. She has travelled with me on holiday and to knitters meets. My spindle collection is slowly growing too. I got two new lace weight spindles from Allena at Spindle and wheel. But I'm most proud of my self made all wooden hooked spindle.

I made it to use at Viking occations and I have found it to be useable both to spin thicker yarn and lace thin too. The ability to spin so thin on it supprised me, it's not a light weight spindle. But I spun sewing thread thin yarn form Gotlands får lambs wool on it. My favourite spindle is still my Bosworth midi in birch. It goes with me everywhere, and usually produses quite even and thin yarn.

My favourite fiber experiences this year are the earlier mentioned Gotlands får lamb fiber bought at Hornborre viking marked and merino from Spinnulla. But my favourite wool ever is stille BFL. I have lots of samples waiting to be washed and spun. Rhonna got them for me, and I look forward to try them out so thats my big thing this year to try all the different fibres I can get my hands on and systematically write down what I think aobut them. I'm also going to get more spindles, to use at viking markeds so they have to look the part.

I suddely realized that I havent used my hand spun yarn for almost anything this year. I have been content to just watch it and make it. I now have a stash of home made yarn. So I guess I have to think about using it this year. I also have a little fiber stash. mostly unwashed norvegian lambs wool in white. I'm going to wash, card and spin most of that before summer, as I hope to sell the yarn at viking markeds this summer.

I mentioned earlier that I have spun at lot's of different locations, I guess that warrants some explaning. I have spun at home of course ;) but I have also had my spindles with me on travel. I have been as far north as Rennebu. I was there as a viking at a big craft fair. I have been as far south as Kristiansand, spun at the zoo there. I have also been as far east as Finland, me and the kids went on summer holiday there to my best friend, and a spinlde was with me of cource. The most fun I think is spinning when travelling to school in Oslo. It's an hours train journey and I have spun several yarns I call NSB yarn, NSB being our train company for short. I always get smiles and questions when I spin when waiting for the train.

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Bittami sa...

- og takk for kommentar i bloggen min:-) Skal sende deg jobbadressen min, så kan du sende epost til den i stedet.
Ha et godt nyttår:-)

Rhonna sa...

Du, jeg jusker og skriver på engelsk her. :-)

I had to laugh when I read the note about not having actually *used* much of what you've spun; I'm afraid I'm no better. :-) For the first time ever, I actually have a yarn stash--and it's handspun! I've been content to spin for the sake of spinning as well, but yes: You and I need to start doing a bit more with what we spin. :-)

Jeg gleder meg til å se hva du skal gjøre i 2009. :-)

Bittami sa...

hei igjen!
Takk for epost, er veldig treg for tiden å svare. Tar kontakt med deg litt lenger ut på vinteren/våren for spinning. Akkurat nå er det litt travlet i livet mitt, og klarer ikke prioritere det. Men tusen takk for tilbud:-) Kjempesnilt!

Bittami sa...

Takk for koselig treff i dag - og takk for undervisningen:-) Det var morsomt og kommer nok til å fortsette å prøve hjemme:-)
Ha ei god natt!