onsdag 24. desember 2008

christmas reveals

Since theese get opened today I think I can reveal them now. I had a knitting frenzy lately to get all the gifts ready. This hat is knitted in fritidsgarn from sandnes

Theese are the simplest mittens ever, take two hours to knit: the yarn is cortina exlusive from gjestal and dpns 5mm. Cast on 30 st. knit 5 rounds garter stitch, the rest is knittet stokingnette. Knit 25 rounds, knit in an other yarn for 8 stitches to make a hole for the thumb. kontinue knitting for another 25 rounds. The decrease is a traditional round decrease, k2tog k 3 repeat to end of row, knit 3 rows, k2tog k2 to end of row. knit 2 rounds, k2tog k1 to end of round, k one round, k2tog to end of round, cut yarn and thread thru the remaining stitches. pick up the 15 stitches of the thumb, knit to fit and k2tog on last round. cut yarn and thread thru remaining stitches. weave in ends. this mitten is size man about.

My first attempt on EZ mitered mittens.

my guest slippers. Theese are knitted in 4 strands of finull from rauma.
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