fredag 29. juni 2007

MS3 Day 1

Now I'm off to bed. Heres what I managed today. Chart A done! With three lifelines and green beads! Loving the pattern!
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MS3 pattern

I have downloaded the pattern Jippii!!! It took some tinkering the printer but I now have the pattern on paper and have knitted til round 20! I chose the clear beads because of the swirly patterns and because of the white/black theme...

And now I just changed my mind and have knitted till row 25 with green beads...

MS 3 Beads 2

Thanks for all the comments! It's really helping. Greens are more visible and clear more neutral, I guess I just have to wait untill i see where in the stole the beads are going... Right now I'm leaning towards the green ones though...

MS3 Swatch

Here's finally a picture of my MS3 swatch. The yarn is the Zephyr in the color sage and needles size 3,5 mm knitpics. I really love the way the swatch turned out and I've got compliments on how it looks and feels (as if that was my doing, just love the zephyr)
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MS3 Beads

I'm trying to decide what beads to use. The dark green ones you see to the right in my swach or the translucent ones you don't quite see at the upper right corner. What do you think? Please help me decide! Make a comment.
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søndag 24. juni 2007

Moomin world

This is where I've been with my family the last week. Well not at moomin world the whole time only a day. but it was wonderfull and I'm recomending it to anyone with kids under the age of 7!
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Mystery Stole 3 yarn

I also got this New Zealand Lamb wool for the stole to have some to choose from. It's soft and warm, it's definetly going to be more shawls!
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Mystery Stole 3, yarn

Among my many packets was this beautifull Fiddlesticks Knitting, Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool Silk in the color Sage! It's soft, the color is even more soft than online and it as a beautifull shine. I'm definetly choosing this for my MS 3 stole. Now to knit a swatch to get the needle size right...
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A Bosworth Midi Spindle

When we speak of my home spun yarn, look at my new beautifull Bosworth spindle! It spins beautifully! Thanks to Heidi Kim for helping me to get one. It won't be my last!
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Hemmelig venn gave! Secret pal gift

I got home from Finland today and not less than 4 packets were waiting for me! This is a secret pal gift from my not so secret pal in hobbyboden. They annouced who was the pals today too. Thanks Gry Helen! I really love the colors! And I'm going to color my home spun yarn eith it soon! The chocolates are gone already, yummy!
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mandag 18. juni 2007

Leaving for Finland!

I will be on holiday untill sunday. I'm taking my faily to Finland, we will visit Moomin world and all. See you in a week!

lørdag 16. juni 2007

colorfull fibres

I have been shopping online at Etsy. I found this roving too beautifull to resist. It's Blue faced leicester from Lauriegator in the color Psycic yello. I'm looking for my cd spindles now, the bag has mysteriously dissappeared. But then with half a car worth of things waiting for our trip to Finland it's not strange that I have trouble finding things. And Still I hav a last exam on monday so maybe the roving has to wait till after that...
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Inspired by nature KAL 1

Heres my little girl. 4 years old. She is so happy with the sun hat I designed and knitted to her. It's Pink (that is enough really to make her happy) Not only is it pink it has ruffles too. It's knitted top down in a yarn called Tuva, 50% cotton 50% acrylic, it's really soft! The needles were circular 3 mm.
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fredag 8. juni 2007

Inspired by nature KAL

I have joined the Inspired by nature KAL at:

Today I went on a walk around the gardens around me and photoed a lot of pink and blue and red. I'm really on a pink mode right now. Look at all the beautiful varations in the colors:

first ever ply!

Heres finally a picture of my first ever ply. It's made of two uneven singles one blue one white. I learned that I should ply my singles more if I'm going to ply them. The singles broke off because of too little twist... Other than that the ply went well. I got the U as in balance, it was fun. Now I'm working on some singles that I put more twist to. I also got a bat of wool that's not washed so now I'm spinning in the grease :)
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lørdag 2. juni 2007

Spinn in public

First. I've tried plying on a spindle. It's was an interesting learning experience. I found my singles to be underspun and breaking apart. But I managed to get the ply balanced and got the U in the ply. I don't have pictures of in yet it's still hanging out to dry.

Today we had a local market day. I put up a table and gott out my home made jewlery and knitting. Then I added a couple of cd spindle kits. I got a lot of attention on the fact that I stood there spinning. It was fun, several told me they had spinned before. No one bought the spindles thoug but I sold some necklases. forgot all about pictures (so no pictures today) and about sun screening so I got some red on my cheeks ;) It was the first day of summer temperatures today!