lørdag 2. juni 2007

Spinn in public

First. I've tried plying on a spindle. It's was an interesting learning experience. I found my singles to be underspun and breaking apart. But I managed to get the ply balanced and got the U in the ply. I don't have pictures of in yet it's still hanging out to dry.

Today we had a local market day. I put up a table and gott out my home made jewlery and knitting. Then I added a couple of cd spindle kits. I got a lot of attention on the fact that I stood there spinning. It was fun, several told me they had spinned before. No one bought the spindles thoug but I sold some necklases. forgot all about pictures (so no pictures today) and about sun screening so I got some red on my cheeks ;) It was the first day of summer temperatures today!

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