mandag 23. juli 2007

Back from summer holiday tilbake fra ferie

First:, I haven't knitted much on the ms3 stole. I found it difficult to consentrate in a cabin full of kids, go figure... Second: I did have a lot of knitting time as I didn't do any driving and well you can always knit when looking after kids that play (most times anyways) as long as the knitting dosn't require any consentration. I brought 4 balls of cotton yarn Brilla, sock yarn and needles.
The first hat was ready after a long trip to the cabin on sunday (train and car) the second and third the next day and the little one on tuesday.
Then I hit a knitting drought, too tired or just tired of knitting hats. So I started knitting socks for the lovely little lady that has the smallest hat.
On sunday we were driving again and the last ball of yarn has become 3/4 of a fifth hat before it was too dark for knitting. And I vrote down the pattern this time so it's coming as soon as I find the notebook in my baggage that takes up most of my living room right now.
On monday I was actually afraid the yarn would not last the whole trip so I found a LYS and bought two balls of sock yarn and two balls of Svale in a green, they were on sale so I just had to have them. The green svale became a cabled hat , pics later (and maybe a pattern too).
On saturday I was in Arendal and found finnish yarn on sale, had to have it, its Ruskovilla 50 % wool and 50% silk and so soft, wish they had more left...

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