tirsdag 15. mai 2007

Still here knitting!

I'm quite happy. Two reasons; one I'm done with two exams (only 3 left this spring), second I spinned for the first time in my life today. I made a drop spindle of two cd's and a stick with a lot of tape and a cup hook. It wobbles, but I spinned a bunch of wool I had and I'm really pleased. The yarn is uneven and has a bit too much twist, its drying now, pic tomorrow. I promise! You'll see my spindle too... Just have to wait for the sun to take pics... I ordered a real drop spindle from http://www.spinnvilt.no a louet low whorl and some more wool.

In the mean time heres some pics on what I've knitted lately:

The first is a teapot cozy, It's knitted in Uruguay wool, no pattern just knit to fit. The two blue hats are summer hat's for a 3 years old boy, we were invited to his birthday on sunday, las minute knitted gifts.. They are knitted of a yarn called Tuva on size 3mm circulars. The green thing is a Calorimetry (www.knitty.com) and wristwarmers (2k2p 40 stiches till the yarn ends) all made of 50 g of safirgarn on cicular needles size 3,5 mm.
This last picture shows the gift I got form my secret pal from hobbyboden may. Thanks my secret friend, I havent figured out who you are, but I love the gift!

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Den tekannevarmeren var veldig søt....