lørdag 9. august 2008


Ok, no posting all summer, hmm... that wasn't supposed to happen. What have i been doing? Well took some timetravel. My hobbies this summer have consentrated on vikings. I have made viking outfits to everybody in the family. This is a picture of me in my outfit, not a good picture, but the best of 3. Have to get more pictures. We were at the Hornbore ting in hamburgsund in sweden last weekend. Lovely place. Next weekend I'll be in Berkåk at the rennebumartnan craft show also as viking, with my viking group Starfa.
I finished the may socks in Sokker 2008 but I cant seem to understand the june pattern... Hmm. I guess I need to make nålebundne socks instead... or... No cant give up yet... Promise to update sooner... promise...