tirsdag 31. juli 2007

Secret Pal and Baby booties

Look at this great packet I got from my secret pal on the Spinwitch yahoo group. It is recycle themed, the bag is knitted of recycled sari silk, the fiber is mills end recycled fiber. Then there is some soap, a candle, cotton yarn, mickey key keeper and chocolate. Thanks Melyssa I love it all!

Here is a picture of the baby booties I have made a pattern to. The yarn is my BFL spin. I have plyed a lot of yarn these last few days, pictures soon. I'm planning to make a wrist distaff too. Do you know a place with a tutorial? Please tell me in the comments. I'm stalking my postman I have a Bosworth mini on the way and a secret pal packet too...

fredag 27. juli 2007

Tutorial Stich markers / Hvordan lage maskemarkører

I have been looking for a tutorial on how to make theese so I finally made my own. Hope it's understandable...
Jeg har lenge vært på utkikk etter hvordan slike maskemarkører lages. Så har jeg eksperimentert litt selv og fant ut at jeg måtte lage en bruksanvisning selv. Håper den er forståelig...

What do you need: A stick to wind the metal around, the diameter should be the one you want the markers to have. Plyers, beads and the metal jewllery pins or metall thread you wind a knot in the end. I'm using amethyst beads in theese pictures.
Hva trenger du: En pinne til a snurre metall tråden rundt, diameteren bestemmer hviken diameter markørene får. En tang, perler, jeg har brukt ametyst perler jeg hadde liggende og til slutt metall pinnene. De brukes vanligvis til smykkelaging og fås kjøpt der smykke utstyr selges. Du kan bruke vanlig metall tråd som du bøyer løkke på i enden.

1. First you put the bead on the pin
1. Først putter du perlen på metall pinnen.

2. Then you twist the pin around the stick
2. Så bøyer du metallpinnen rundt trepinnen.

3. You then take the plyers and twist the pin around itself to lock in place
3. Du tvinner så metall tråden rundt seg selv med tangen for å låse den på plass.

4. Then you carefully pull the stich marker off the stick and it sould look something like this:

4. Så drar du maskemarkøren forsiktig av trepinnen og den burde se noenlunde slik ut:

You can klick on the pictures to make them bigger.

Du kan klikke på bildene for å gjøre dem større.

Andean Plying

Look at me :) I'm so happy! Today I learned how to ply andean style. It's actually easy and fun. I've plyed three singles so far. This is a picture of the third plying. I don't know what I'm going to make from this yarn yet. Any suggestions? Maybe baby booties. The fibre is the same from an earlier post, BFL from Lauriegator at Etsy.
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mandag 23. juli 2007

Inspired by nature KAL

I did get inspired by nature on my trip too. The cabin was about 1000 meters over sea level and the mountains are so beatiful: heres some pictures to be inspired about

Back from summer holiday tilbake fra ferie

First:, I haven't knitted much on the ms3 stole. I found it difficult to consentrate in a cabin full of kids, go figure... Second: I did have a lot of knitting time as I didn't do any driving and well you can always knit when looking after kids that play (most times anyways) as long as the knitting dosn't require any consentration. I brought 4 balls of cotton yarn Brilla, sock yarn and needles.
The first hat was ready after a long trip to the cabin on sunday (train and car) the second and third the next day and the little one on tuesday.
Then I hit a knitting drought, too tired or just tired of knitting hats. So I started knitting socks for the lovely little lady that has the smallest hat.
On sunday we were driving again and the last ball of yarn has become 3/4 of a fifth hat before it was too dark for knitting. And I vrote down the pattern this time so it's coming as soon as I find the notebook in my baggage that takes up most of my living room right now.
On monday I was actually afraid the yarn would not last the whole trip so I found a LYS and bought two balls of sock yarn and two balls of Svale in a green, they were on sale so I just had to have them. The green svale became a cabled hat , pics later (and maybe a pattern too).
On saturday I was in Arendal and found finnish yarn on sale, had to have it, its Ruskovilla 50 % wool and 50% silk and so soft, wish they had more left...

fredag 6. juli 2007

Inspired by nature KAL

I've been taking pictures with the tought of Inspired by nature KAL. I love the patterns and colors in theese. They are all taken in my local area less than 1 km from my home. I don't know what I'll knit yet but I'm getting ideas. Any suggestions? What would you knit when looking at theese pictures?

MS 3 day 7

I have finally knitted chart b too :) I really like how the pattern grows and changes with the rows. So looking forward to seeing it finished. The stole seems to become somwhere around 40-50 cm wide now. Thats blocked. The pattern requires concentration. I can't do more than a couple of rows in a row. But thats fine I have 50 rounds to do in a week it's just about right.